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Mail List Validator uses Rules for determining bad e-mail addresses
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Mail List Validator is a free, easy-to-use software program, which allows you to check whether the e-mail addresses on a list are valid or not. The program allows you to perform a quick check - which only validates the addresses' domain names through DNS - or a more exhaustive one, which will tell you the level of validity of each address with total accuracy.

The program allows you to manage different lists, each containing a large number of e-mail addresses. You can quickly create your e-mail lists by importing them from a variety of possible pre-existent sources. On every one of your lists, you can perform several operations, like adding or deleting addresses, starting the quick or the complete validity checks, and stopping the current one. You are also allowed to perform more accurate operations, such as re-checking only the previously-obtained good or bad addresses, or checking only those matching certain filtering criteria.

Mail List Validator also offers you a settings window where you can configure all the necessary parameters for the program to work properly, like the DNS servers, the Proxy settings, and the Dial-up configuration, in case you need it. You can also specify in what cases or under what server responses the program should mark a e-mail address as "bad". In addition, this helpful software tool also generates a log where all the information about the performed validations is stored, and provides you also with its own built-in log viewer. Moreover, you can save your e-mail lists to disk, and decide whether to save only the good, the bad, the checked, the unchecked, or the filtered ones.

This program is compatible with all Microsoft Windows versions from Windows 98.

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